Blu-Ray Duplication: What is it Really?

Blu-ray is today’s next gen optical disc of high-density that allows users to store digital data such as High Definition (HD) video. It has been developed jointly by HP, Apple and Dell, media manufacturers and the Blu-Ray Disc Association (BDA) so that recording, playback and rewriting of HD videos would be possible and large amounts of data would be stored for mega corporations.

Blue-violet laser is used here to read and write data on this disc, hence the name Blu-ray. It is designed to hold much more data than any other storage device because it has much shorter wavelengths (405mm), which gives it greater exactness and allows for the data to be crammed in more tightly. So, more data is packed into a much smaller space than a conventional DVD disc.


This media format of large amounts of optical storage, Blu-ray comes with a much larger capacity and performance level meant solely for High Definition video and audio. In shape and size, it resembles the conventional CD or DVD, but it takes in a much larger amount of data, including high quality images and sound than any other media format can.

Blu-ray duplication: Blu-ray duplication discs have small depressions that help in programming the data that’s held together more closely than conventional CDs and DVDs. The greater the number of depressions, the larger the disc capacity. Now, each of these information bits can easily be read by blue laser’s short wavelength, lending it the name, Blu-ray.

By Blu-ray duplication is meant the copying or burning of data of video’s high definition project onto a blank means burning or copying the content of the high definition project of video into the blank Blu-ray Disc-Recordable (BD-R) or the data of the media of Blu-ray Disc—Re-Writable (BD-RW). The data could be either the disc image or the master of a Blu-ray Disc-Recordable. As a result of Blu-ray duplication, you could get a very large and high quality and reliable disc full of information. All you need do is to use a blank disc and load information on it or “burn” it and verify the disc’s integrity.

The way Blu-ray duplication works can be adapted to the way copiers work. Content is taken from a Blu-ray master and the facts are taped or “burned” onto another Blu-ray disc. While this happens, the Blu-ray Disc-Recordable (BD-R) can be used. These discs are noticeable for their dark purple outsides and have a photosensitive dye that darkens to set up a digital code that can be read by laser onto your HD player.

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