Chinese Presence at NYC Fashion Week

The NYC fashion week is held annually in February and September in New York City. The fashion event which is branded as one of the major events in the world of fashion all across the world attracts a lot of attention worldwide. Apart from cities such as London, Paris and Milan which also host the fashion week event, the NYC fashion week is perhaps the most anticipated fashion function in fashion industry calendar.

The 2013 NYC fashion week was held in February from 7th to 14th at the Lincoln Center for performing arts. The event was sponsored by Mercedes Benz as from 2009 till date, can also be referred as Mercedes Benz fashion week. The ticket price for the NYC fashion week ranges from as low as $70 to as high as $5000 for depending on the row and the treatment. The Chinese for a period of time have been attending the NYC fashion week in significant numbers. Judging by the fact that the Chinese fashion industry is rapidly growing at a fast rate much like its economy, it is therefore not surprising to see the large Chinese presence at NYC fashion week.


China which has the world’s highest population might just become the next largest fashion market in a few years to come. The rise of interest by the Chinese in the fashion industry has prompted many designers to exhibits their designs in China by opening up shops. Chinese fashion companies such as VLOV may also be the reason as to why the Chinese flocked the NYC fashion week. VLOV which boasts to be one of the major fashion clothing companies from China was the first Chinese company to be invited to the NYC fashion week. The C.E.O of VLOV, Qingquing Wu, who is also the chief designer of the company, was rewarded with the ‘Top Ten Designer Award’ at the NYC fashion week for two successive years and still counting. Since the Chinese fashion companies have already penetrated the American fashion industry, it has attracted numerous Chinese tourists to visit the NYC fashion week.

The Chinese presence at the NYC fashion week may as well have been contributed by the interest of Chinese celebrities in major fashion events. Chinese celebrities are mostly invited by designers since their presence at the fashion event will mostly likely create attention and develop fashion trends from the numerous fashion lovers in China which has a fast rising fashion market. Top Chinese models are also in high demand at the NYC fashion week mostly because of the recent interest international designers have taken in the Chinese fashion market.

Mercedes Benz, the same company that has sponsored the NYC fashion week, has also sponsored the Beijing fashion week in China. It also maybe because of the recent interest of Mercedes Benz to sponsor the Beijing fashion week that has led the Chinese to attend other events worldwide such as the NYC fashion week that are sponsored by the same company.Apart from Qingquing Wu, other top Chinese designers who made an appearance at the NYC fashion include Vivienne Tam and Jason Wu. Vivienne Tam designs at the NYC fashion week included Chinese prints mixed with a blend of western collections to make a remarkable outstanding collection. Chinese born designer, Jason Wu also impressed with his excellent designs which seemed to be inspired by his home country. Considering that Jason Wu has designed various collections for the likes of Michelle Obama, he is perhaps the top most rated designer from China. The latest NYC fashion week featured Chinese models like never before as their demand is high at the fashion industry. Top Chinese models such such as Mae Lapres, Li Wei and Huang Xiaomeng all made appearances at the event. Mae Lapres and Li Wei were mostly rocking designs by Chinese designer Vivienne Tam while Huang Xiaomeng was doing modeling for different international designers. Other Chinese models such as Lina Zhang , Xiao Wen, Jill Chiu, Ming Xi and Wang Xiao also graced the NYC fashion week becoming the some of the most wanted and most talked about Chinese models at the event.

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