Factors That Determine Your Auto Insurance Premium

Any person with a car and wants to drive it on the public roads is supposed to get auto insurance, according to the law. But in certain instances, you can get overwhelmed when buying insurance coverage for your needs because there are a number of service providers out there, claiming to offer the right products to prospective clients.

You can discover a great insurance policy for your car by taking time to browse the web and analyzing the various quotes available under different insurance service providers. Here are some of the factors that determine factors that determine your auto insurance premium.

Age is a major factor that determines your potential auto cover. Children and teenagers are normally considered to have higher risks than mature people, so they will have to pay higher rates. As one advances in age, the rates start to decline until when you get some experience and confirm you are an excellent driver. At the same time, the premiums are usually considerably higher as one gets older.


Normally, the rates will also be significantly influenced by your gender. Generally, female drivers are said to be better drivers as compared to their male counterparts and thus, get lower rates. On top of that, men tend to travel more frequently and are said to be highly vulnerable to accidents. As a result, their auto insurance cover rates are considerably higher.

Type of car

The car which you want to insure will influence the size of the rates as well. For instance, more expensive cars come with higher rates of insurance coverage and vice versa. The reason for this is because the more expensive cars are more likely to attract thieves. In other words, thieves are less likely to target the less expensive ones.


The quotes are considerably dependent on the kind of risk coverage you would want to choose for your motor vehicle. The government regulations state that it is a must for drivers to obtain liability cover while those who would like to get extra benefits such as coverage against theft or fire will have to part with a higher charge on premiums.

Driving history

The intricacies of your driving past will considerably influence the premium charges of your auto insurance coverage. For those with cleaning driving records, one can opt for the reduced rate quotes, although those that have flouted traffic regulations previously will have to part with considerably high rates of premium on their individual policies.


When creating the premium charges, the insurance service providers also consider the occupation of the individual. In case your career entails driving for long periods of time on a daily basis, then you can expect that your insurance cover to include higher rates because of the increased risk for accidents. But those who have professions that entail seating at the office for a number of hours each day, their policy comes at a reduced rate of premium as they are said to be less likely to be involved in accidents. For any tax disc-related queries, you need to use the tax disc contact number.

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