Get a Variable Voltage Battery for Ultimate Vaping

An Overview

While e-cigarettes are substantially cheaper than the traditional ones, they are still a considerable investment of your hard-earned money. So, knowing some basic yet important details regarding variable voltage batteries and the different resistances will help you give leverage to your investment without any wastage of your product. Whether you are new to the modern vaping world or are a veteran vaper, you will easily notice that the experience of vaping will change over time. This can be due to several reasons:

  • Trying different e-liquid flavours
  • Trying different nicotine strengths
  • Trying a different liquid- PG / VG in a ratio or mixture
  • Using a different voltage battery or resistance

To achieve your desired throat hit you may need to tweak all of this depending on your preferences and requirements.

Variable voltage battery

What A Variable Battery Does?

Variable Voltage batteries have one major function. They make it possible to change the wattage or voltage of the device to give you the best taste, throat hit and vapour you desire.

Thinking of Trying?

This is where things are made interesting. So, what is a variable voltage battery? It is a battery, which in its most simple form, allows vapers to adjust the power that is pumped into the atomizer. An atomizer is a simple piece of hardware that works to the same standards. When you fire your e-cigarette, the coil becomes hot then boils and evaporates the e-liquid held in the wick and is then ready to be inhaled by the user.

So What Has To Do With The Variable Battery?

When there is a need to adjust the voltage of a battery, the coil gets hotter or cooler simultaneously. This is how it will heat the e-liquid at varying temperatures and produces more or less vapour. Hence, these variable batteries heat up the e-liquid at different temperatures, and when the liquid gets hot, the entire liquid evaporates very rapidly which gives a harsh throat hit. So, keeping a moderate temperature is a necessary task. A variable device will allow you the power to find a personal “sweet spot” which will produce the optimal amount of vapour whilst preserving the flavour and a desired throat hit. This is considered by a vast majority of vapers to be the best way to get a satisfying vape.

Gaining the Benefits

With brand new electronic cigarette devices popping up every day, it is hard to understand the real advantages of the innovative creation that is electronic cigarettes. One of the best advancements is the creation of the variable voltage batteries. However, what benefits do they offer?

  • The ability to control the voltage output.
  • Electronic cigarette batteries can use various cartomizers and atomizers whilst using the same battery.
  • Nearly all electronic cigarette batteries produce a standard output of 3.7 volts of power.
  • Depending on the flavour and the PG/VG content of the liquid, different voltages produce more flavourful hits than others keeping the safety level as a priority.
  • Variable voltage battery allows you to find the perfect setting very easily.

Vapour Production

One of the biggest advantages of using a variable voltage battery for e-cigarettes is that they have much greater and quality vapour output than the traditional e-cigarettes that most of the vapers begin with. Most traditional e-cigarettes use batteries that have 3.7v or less.

Who Should You Use Variable Voltage E-cigarette Batteries?

Vapers who need greater control over their vaping experience seriously consider using a variable voltage battery. Another reason why a variable battery would be right for you is if you are a light smoker or used to smoking light cigarettes. With a variable voltage battery you can control the vaper production making it a must have for you.

To Conclude

So, to have a real vaping experience, you can easily use a standard variable voltage battery.

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