Importance of European Health Insurance Card

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is a special card issued to members of the European Union Ares granting them an exclusive access to medication while in the European Union region. The card id issued free of charge and allows anyone covered under the statutory social scheme of the European Union region get free medication while residing in the region or traveling to other countries. The cover ceases if one leaves the European region to other countries for medication purposes or if the holder has chronic a pre-existing condition. Its validity period is 5 years with allowance for renewal on expiry or loss before its expiry. On the lead in the provision of state paid health cover is the European Union where the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) system has been adopted. This system was adopted in 2006 replacing the preceding E111. Under EHIC, the assured life is covered against accidental and or illness while in the European Union region. The cover further entitles the EHIC holders medical treatment in the country they are visiting. This act’s as a state’s commitment to the affairs of its citizenry.

Importance of the EHIC

Grants the holder free access to Medicare services

The EHIC card is beneficial to the holder as it allows him/her access to free medication while in the European area. Through the card, the holder has legal access to free medical treatment while in any of the qualifying countries. This exclusive right enables the holders get medical attention from qualifying medical institutions of choice while the insurer reimburses the institution of any charges levied on the patient. This acts as an assurance of either all or part of the medical bill burden of the covered life being off-loaded by being offset by the health insurer. To affect the cover, the person seeking the medical cover pays a premium in exchange of the foreseen medical condition requiring financial mediation. The premium payment maybe paid directly in full or in part by the state.

Offers monetary savings for the hard holders

Since Medicare access is granted to the card holders, the card holders are able to have great monetary saving on what would otherwise have been used in meeting the Medicare bills. Through the scheme, the bills owed to the scheme members for Medicare attention such as doctor’s fee, drugs and medication fee as well as the card’s fee are billed to the scheme.

Allows selective Medicare attention from selected Non-European region countries for card holders.

Card holders are able to get medical attention while on visit to other selected countries. However, this only applies if the card holder has not travelled to the specific country to seek Medicare attention. In case of such, the applicability of the card ceases.

 Offers subsidized medication

Apart from offering fully free medical cover, the EHIC application further allows its holders get subsidized medical attention in case of medical bills to the card holder exceeding the capped limit of the free cover. This ensures affordability of some of the Medicare solution that might require specialized and otherwise expensive medication.

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