The Many Benefits of Custom Corrugated Boxes Packaging

The use of custom corrugated boxes in packaging provides a cocktail of benefits that far outweigh alternative modes of packaging. This is why they have found widespread usage in business and in homes to satisfy myriad packaging and branding needs.

They are unmatched in being an ideal packaging solution for fragile goods either for storage or shipping. This is due to their ability to be customized in an inexpensive way, the rigidity and cushioning that can be placed inside the box to shield the contents against impact of any kind.

custom-boxes-totesIn terms of storage, the compact nature of corrugated boxes makes them real space savers. They can be fashioned with the measurements of the products in mind ensuring that no space goes to waste. This also provides one of the reasons why they are an affordable solution.

This packaging solution is featherweight and fairly easy to handle. As part of the customization, they can be provisioned for handling such as cutting out of [palm sized portions to accommodate the hands or attaching plastic handles to them. The possibilities are endless and all depend on your requirements or specifications.

In terms of storage space arrangement, they can be stacked up high in warehouses or transportation mediums without the fear of crushing.  Through customization, they can be fashioned to fit any container or pallet sizes and to withstand any measure of anticipated pressure and moisture among a host of other things.

Apart from providing a versatile means of packaging, custom corrugated boxes also provide an effective marketing vehicle for your company and products.  This can be achieved through printing on the boxes. A box can be printed in the color of your company complete with a logo, company information, marketing lingo and product pictures. They can also be made to be shelf display packaging which puts them in the frontline of your marketing efforts.

Nowadays there is a global drive to go green and this form of packaging blends well into the picture as they are recyclable and fully degradable. This provides a responsible form of packaging that is mindful of the environment and posterity.

The combined effects of being designed to be space specific, recyclable, multipurpose etc. all add up into providing a very cheap and yet ideal packaging solution. The affordability is enhanced by the fact that you can order them online.  All your product and marketing specifications are captured online and the boxes are shipped to you flat for a DIY assembly which is extremely easy.

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