Various Beneficial Aspects Of Mobile Device Management

mobiledevice12It administrators have got to make certain that cell phone devices abide by IT policies that are exclusive to their organization and that configuration is driven to devices. Nevertheless, unlike usual PC management, cell phone environment is heterogeneous to a great extent. Excellent management of mobile device supplies the visibility and control that IT requires and makes it flexible enough to support several cell phone devices, use cases and ownership models.

Features of Samsung MDM


Diverse Samsung tablets and smartphones making use of Samsung KNOX know-how offer enterprise mobility solution. KNOX attributes include

•    Bendy container usability

•    Enables access to the majority of 3rd party apps based on Android OS

•    The capability of creating several holders to silo off diverse sorts of susceptible data.

KNOX also offers augmented hardware and software protection at kernel level and in device boot process. By containing such functions, the TrustZone technology of Samsung offers hardware-based safety and multi-layer safety. Samsung moreover presents a comprehensive suite of enterprise mobile device management characteristics for KNOX and for Samsung Enterprise SDK.

Advanced MDM for Samsung safe devices

The Mobile Management solution of Samsung offers device security that:

•    Compel end users to fix passcode at a planned time.

•    Let users unlock or unbolt the device by the use of fingerprints.

•    Stop firmware resurgence on the device.

•   Homogenize the device by not letting users access or adjust default settings on your cell phone device.

•    Check workers from having access to the Android browser.

•  Check users from altering the settings of the device, reset to the plant settings or from downloading an upgraded version of their operating system over-the-air.

•    Restricts having access to App Settings

Security of data

Another great feature of the mobile device management solution of Samsung is security of data. It prevents the sharing of clipboard matter among apps and stops users from being able to access the share menu on their devices It confines sharing of data by enabling or disabling of device capabilities like Bluetooth, Google Backup, Tethering, Camera,  Wi-Fi, and so on. It prohibits external hardware like the use of USB device, Microphone, and External SD card. It puts a check on video and audio recording and screen capture. It lets users make the status blank, such that status information and additional notifications are concealed. In this age of cut-throat competition, your data is very precious. Protect it from the whole world by taking various  precautions.

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