What Is Strategic Communication? All You Should Know

In last two decades, the term strategic communication has become quite popular. The term refers to infusing strategic communications efforts with an agenda and a master plan. Usually, the plan involves promoting the brand of an organization, urge people to perform specific tasks or advocate specific legislation.

The term may refer to both a specific job title and a process.

A strategic planning for communication is an essential part of the daily operation of an organization. It involves media activities, internal as well as external communications, set organization priorities, resource, and staff management.

Elements of strategic communication

A communication plan is directed by organization’s goals, its visions, values, and beliefs.

Communication goals

Communication goals of an organization include:

  •  Developing and implementing effective communication plans.
  • Facilitating positive media coverage by forming good relationship with reporters
  • Teach new skills to staffs and clients
  • Generate support from policy makers
  • Motivate financial contributors

Steps to implement communication plan

Identification of target audience

The first step is to identify the target audience and discover ways to reach them. Make a list of all the categories of people who are necessary for the success of the organization. They may include donors, potential clients, church groups, legal community, etc. It is important not to forget the internal audience of the organization like board members, volunteers, staffs, etc.

Message development

Create an impressive phrase of four to ten words describing the organization. Use it every time a reporter builds a story about the agency. It is important to inform reporter how the group wants to be represented, or else the journalist may come up with descriptions which are not accurate.

Next, comes the message that the spokesperson of the organization use while talking to the reporters. This message should be carefully developed and consists of basic facts about the group.

Resource assessment

Communication plan requires spelling out the assessment of resource which includes staff time, budgets, equipment, data bases, contract services, help from volunteer, etc. For mid-sized to large organization, there should be a communication director hired.

Work plan

Organizations should develop work plans where elements of communication should be included in assignments and important tasks. For example – development of calendars of events, assign responsibilities to support staff, etc.


After all these steps, the plan should also include crisis control. It will be responsible for dealing with negative stories in media.

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