Looking Out for Great Domain Name: Important Points to Consider

Are you set to open your own shopping store or blog site? If so, you also need to get web hosting service for your store or blog site. Apart from that, you need a domain name like “xyzstore.com”. A domain name should look professional, should be easy to memorize and short in length that makes it easier to promote your brand/website.

Register domain in India

Simply choosing a good domain name for your website adds credibility to your online business and also increases visitors to your site. In fact, all the major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo give preference to sites that have a unique & brandable domain name.

With so many domain registrars out there in India, you often need to face difficulties to find a reliable domain name that isn’t already taken. That’s why highlighted some key points to help you through domain selection & registration process.

Tips on Registering a Domain Name

Domain Length

Keep domain name short, catchy and memorable; these are some common things you should consider before you finalized your website domain name.

Domain Trademark Issues

Try not to break any legal norm when buying a domain name. When it’s about legal norms, then make sure not to use someone else’s domain that will result in trademark infringement issues which can create legal issues.

Domain Extension

All of you know that “.com” is the most popular extension for all top-level domains. You can also opt for a country specific domain such as “co.uk” for the United Kingdom, and many other options are there such as – .org, .in, .co, .edu, .biz, .name, .gov, and many others.

Brandable Domain

If your website solely relies on traffic from search engines, you should use meaningful words or words related to your niches like TopOnlineStore.com or TVstore.com. This will help people find what exactly they are searching for, and this will increase your search ranking in top search engines.

Few tools can help you search domain names, for your reference suggesting here top keyword research tools:

  • Business Name Generator
  • GoSpaces
  • NameStation
  • Domaintyper
  • Domain Pigeon
  • Domainr

In the End

Although, you can find a great domain name that represents your brand/website across the channels., but, you’ve to keep in mind a few points that are mentioned above; this will definitely help you make a correct choice for the domain name.

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