5 Reasons why Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is better than iPhone 6S Plus


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Apple iPhone 6S Plus are two high-end smartphones that are quite popular among users.  Both these phablets provide the goodness of a big screen. But Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a giant 5.7-inch display, captivating design and strong battery. So if you want to buy a new smartphone and confused with Note 5 and IPhone 6s, then take a look at this article to read some convincing reasons to buy Samsung phone over an Apple.

Better Screen

Both these phones are equipped with amazing displays. Note 5 display comes with high resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels while iPhone 6S Plus screen offers a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels.  Galaxy Note 5 is fortified with AMOLED screen that provides extremely vibrant, bright viewing experience to the user.

Copy, Paste Option

IPhone users have to abide by the rules that are set by Apple. The user can’t copy-paste their PDF files or music between the phone and the computer. There are no such rules in Galaxy Note 5 as you can use this phone just like your way without any restrictions.

Better Low-Light Camera

Both these phablets can capture fantastic images in the good light. But in low light, the camera of Note 5 performs better. Galaxy Note 5 is equipped with F1.9 lens that captures more light and also processes images in a way that lights up the entire scene. The camera of iPhone 6S Plus clicks slightly low quality picture in less light.

S Pen Stylus & Multi-Window Feature

Both these phablets come with a large screen. Galaxy Note 5 comes with a multi-functional stylus which lets you perform various tasks .The upgraded S Pen stylus of Note 5 gives better digital handwriting experience with greater pressure sensitivity to the user. Galaxy Note 5 comes with multi-window multitasking that allows you to open two apps side by side. A user can work on email as well as chat app at the same time.

32GB Memory

You can buy the basic model of the Galaxy Note 5 with 32GB internal memory while with Phone 6S Plus; you will get only 16 GB of memory in the basic model.

Final Word

As conversed in this article, these are some fantastic features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. So if you are planning to buy Galaxy Note 5, then check different forums to know more about the features, the specification of note 5 before buying one.

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