Sexy Dress an Essential Style Statement

The standard of beauty has gone through drastic changes over the past millennium. Art and sculpture of the renaissance period depict full figured, voluptuous, scantily dressed women. Probably people then had considered such scanty clothes as sexy dress though such a definition might not have existed. Of course the dresses depicted in the art form too would not have been in vogue then! During the Victorian period corsets were considered as sexy dress. The women then were very conscious of their bodies. Sexy in those days meant to have inconceivably small waistlines. Bustles and layered petticoats were very popular and considered sexy as they enhanced the largest parts of the body.

If you track the various dresses worn by women in the past few hundred years you would be surprised to see how the definition of sexy dress has changed. Fashion designers give every woman the royal treatment in choosing dresses that make them look sexy and gorgeous with tailor made tips for different body types. There are forty-eight body types and as many basic patterns possible. An average woman is short, moderately heavy and does not resemble the models even remotely but it is they who set the standards for wardrobe full of sexy dresses. Sometimes when you get invited to events that require a sexy dress, it becomes crucial that you pick just the right dress to make you look like the sexiest woman during the event.

Some of the big names in modern fashion designing are Coco, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Valentino Garavani, Gianni Versace and Ralph Lauren. Each of these designers was unique and helps you make your style statements. Some of the designers took a practical design in pursuing simplicity, while others designs were voluptuous than the boxy types. Some are masters at creating shapes and silhouettes. The modern sexy dress makes you look both sexy and feminine. Some examples of dresses with irresistible sex appeal are Corset dress, one shoulder dress, Tiger pattern, Backless dresses, Short sleeve formal dress, Bohemian style dress, Cocktail dress and Shoulder Pattern ruffled design. The way these dresses hug your contours makes you look confident and irresistible. In this modern age and times women have a lot of choice that they never had before. We see that every major fashion trend of past decades is re-emerging. Some modern designers keep making the yester decades fashion statements repeatedly.

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