Experience watching television with Curved TV

There are various different kinds of televisions available in the market which helps in

providing outstanding experience of watching television. There are also various different companies who are engaged in making available televisions to the viewers. One of the latest television which is being loved by the television viewers on a larger scale is the Curved TV. Samsung is also making available the best curved televisions in the market. Moreover, the curved televisions are considered to be the future of all kinds of televisions available in the market. There are a lot of different kinds of advantages of using curved televisions. Some of the benefits and advantages of purchasing Curved TV are:

 It helps in improving immersion

One of the best advantage of using cur/ved television is that it helps in improving immersion. With the help of the curved screen of the curved television, the image appears curved and the picture you are watching seems to wrap around you. This is also done due to the fact that the image enters your peripheral vision thus drawing you deeper in the world you are watching.


Sense of depth is enhanced

One of the first reaction which comes from the people who are watching curved television for the first time is that it looks like 3D where as the actual score is only 2D. This is due to the fact that curving of the edges of the image towards the viewer enhances the visual perception of depth in what you are watching on the curved television. Samsung is the company which underlines this fact by applying depth enhancement processing to its curved televisions which helps in adjusting the contrast of different parts of the image in order to boost the field of depth.

Wider field of view

The curved televisions help in providing you a wider field for viewing the images. This is because of the bending edges of the image towards you that makes you feel that you are viewing a wider field as compared to a flat screen television. Moreover, the image which is appearing on the curved television appears to stretch further across the wall as compared to the flat TV image.

Contrast is better

Another advantage of Curved TV is that it helps in providing a better contrast as compared to the flat screen televisions. The curved screen focus the light coming from the screen more directly to the eyes. The curved televisions deliver a contrast between 1.5x to 1.8x higher as compared to the contrast of the flat screen televisions.

Curved televisions look cool

The curved edges of the curved televisions helps in providing a cool look as compared to the flat screen televisions.

Uniform viewing distance

The curved televisions track the rounded shape of the eyes in a better manner which helps in delivering a more comfortable and focused image to the eyes. Samsung makes available the Curved TV with a curvature level of 4200 mm radius circle with an appropriate current average TV viewing distance of 3.2m.

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