Few Exemplary Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 That Makes It The Best

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was first unveiled in the year 2012, but later with few up-gradation and advancement a new version of the device was introduced in 2014. The device rums on an Android operating system that is effective for running the multimedia content for watching movies, listening to music and also for browsing the web. This falls under the category of Galaxy Note by the manufacturers and it emphasizes the use of S-Pen that helps in taking notes, sketching and also navigation. The size of the display of the phone is 10.1 inches and the resolution is of 2560* 1600 pixels.

High resolution display

Owing to the high WQXGA resolution you can view the screen clearly. It is believed that since the display is large the experience of viewing is like never before and surpassed that of the other devices. The HD contents are supported by the phone, without compromising on the quality of the image or video. The images and the videos that are displayed are sharp and vivid on this phone. The pixel density of this phone is 299 ppi and the technology used for the same is known as Super Clear LCD. So if you want exemplary viewing then this this the nest phone that you can take resort to.


Enables multitasking in multiscreens

As the screen of this device is huge, it gives a feel of reading a magazine. Users have the liberty to create their own menu by listing their own apps, videos, files, websites, folders and other contents in the screen. You will have ample scope of multitasking with this device. You can activate two apps simultaneously and perform activities. For instance, you can watch movies or videos and also scribble notes and draw sketches at the same time. You can work in different windows of your phone at the same time.

Upgraded product for users

Samsung is known to upgrade their products on a regular basis. In the last few years it has been noticed that after introducing a new model the manufacturers have worked on its different features and then have come up with the updated version of the Smartphone. The same is also applicable for this phone. The phone that is going round now is the updated version of the model that was released way back in 2012. Owing to the continuous innovation regarding the various features of the phone, the ultimate product that is offered to the users is always an exemplary one.

Witness the innovation

You can witness this innovation even in this phone. The design of the exterior of this phone has surpassed much anticipation. The exterior is optimized and the extra space that was thee in the bezel was removed. Though, the phone is a huge one, it weighs less. However, you will notice that in comparison to the previous version, the size of the device is smaller, but there is no reduction in the size of the screen. You can work with this phone seamlessly, even while travelling.

Quality exterior design

Premium leather is used for the back of this phone. This gives a classic look to the phone. You will also notice that there are stich marks on this leather that boosts the beauty of this phone. This exterior complements the personal taste of the user. This also has an advantage, as it acts as a protective layer from the cracks and scratches and thus keeps the phone intact. The S-Pen an attractive feature of this phone makes management of notes, composing mails and navigation quick and easy. Editing the note with this pen is also easy, as you need not rewrite or redraw the content. You can draw shapes with this pen, and then transform them into digital content with the help of this pen.

Seamless internet connectivity

There are features in Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 that can connect you to different other functions in an instant. Connecting to the social networking sites is like a cake walk with this mobile. Smartphone are known for their netter connectivity with the net and this phone also strives to do so. The camera of this phone is of 8 megapixels that helps you to capture few exemplary sharp images. Apart from the memory storage, you can also expand the same till 64 GB.

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