How Custom Boxes & Totes can Satisfy your Business Needs

Every business has a need to package and market its products in the best way possible. The use of custom boxes and totes is quite effective and efficient in satisfying this requirement. The two basically serve the same function of product packaging, handling and marketing but the design and specific applications are what differ.


•For the most part, they are both made from either paperboard, rigid and corrugated materials.

•The design process is done with the product’s shape, fragility and marketing needs in mind.

•They both require the printing of product specific and marketing designs that are complete with the company brand.

•Both are designed to be shipped flat and for easy assembling which saves warehouse space while at the same time cutting down on production and storage costs.

•By providing a safe method of storage and shipping complete with cushioning for fragile products, losses in transit and storage are drastically minimized. All hazards are considered in determining the strength of the packaging material to be used

•The use of tab dividers can be applied to both products to better organize the contents. This also comes in handy in storing different types of products in the same box.

It is the use of tote boxes that is quite broad and the design usually comprises a number of parts such as the handle and closure.

•Often called sales kits, you can use them as in the presentation of new products or the promotion of sales

•They can also be used to carry heavy products such as machine parts, tools etc.

•Quite often, they are used as gift boxes without the need for wrapping paper. Gifting your new product in this medium is a sure way of making an excellent lasting impression.

•The closures are made from different materials that take into account the weight of the product to be packaged. You can buy tote box security seals from a number of companies that enable you to secure the contents till the final destination.

After all has been said and done, the use of custom boxes & totes goes a long way in marketing your brand and cementing its reputation.

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