How Maintaining the Artificial Trees

Though the artificial and silk palm trees are maintenance free that doesn’t mean they can be totally neglected. The advantage of these plants is that very less time and effort is required to maintain them. We know that whenever you clean the rest of room or the surroundings of the plant dust rises and settles all over the plant. When you do not maintain often, dust starts accumulating giving the plant a dull luster. Gradually the dull leaves turn dirty making the tree look unappealing and lose the purpose for which you bought it.

artificial_silk_palm_tree__28154_zoomTips to maintain artificial plants and trees

There are very simple steps to keep the plants, flowers and trees beautiful and as good as they looked on the day of purchase. Most art and craft stores sell artificial and silk palm trees cleaner. Artificial plant cleaners may emit fumes and you need to shift the plants out for a while and clean them there. Some people who are allergic to fumes may use alternate cleaning methods. But for those who don’t mind fumes artificial plant cleaners provide the best cleaning solution possible. For those who are allergic to fumes there is an alternate method that may be as good as artificial plant cleaner if not better. We are quite familiar with the good old static duster that many of us use to clean the windows, window or door grills and crevices that are difficult to reach. Also known as feather dusters they are very handy especially if the artificial trees are small. You can also use something like ‘endust’.

Using Spray on Static Duster

Spray a light coat of it on the static duster and gently run it over the tree leaves, flowers and branches thereby removing the dust that might have settled. The chemical property of ‘endust’ is such that it gathers the dust and is quite useful in cases where the dust is minimal to moderate. In case you have not cleaned the tree for a long time and the dust is heavy, you need to adopt a slightly different cleaning sequence. Start using the vacuum blower in the lowest possible speed at a distance or use blow dryer on a low heat setting and give it a burst of air. This will blow away the heavy dust and then subsequently use ‘endust’ method as stated above. Alternately you may use canned anti- static air generally used for cleaning electronic equipment that includes computer towers.

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