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Mobile Phones

Today, the market is swamped with latest mobile phones that are popularly known as 3G smart phones. Every mobile phone manufacturer is now readily pushing the envelope harder to make their impact in the arena of smartphones. CDMA and GSM phones are now the obsolete models; they have been wiped out and replaced with plethora of smart phones. Companies like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, and HTC have become a big name in the market for their wide range of stat-of-the-art smart phones that offer world-class experience to its customers. If you are looking for latest mobile phones, it is normal to get confused as there is no dearth of smartphones in the market. From Samsung to Motorola and Apple to Gionee, there are ample options for you to choose from.  Through this write-up we have tried to bring you a few top models of smart phone that have currently dominated the smart phone market. Criteria being good build quality, specification and promising operating system. Read on.

Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung S5 is still holding its ground robustly among various other high-end smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S5 is powered with the latest Snapdragon 801 processor, which offers seamless processing to its users. The phone is equipped with 16MP camera and provides superior quality pictures and video recording.

Apple iPhone5S

As the Apple is already known for its state-of-the-art technology, iPhone 5S is another best thing happened to the company. The phone is powered with 7.1 iOS operating system and offers excellent clarity along with latest apps. Although the phone is equipped with only 8MP camera but the quality of the picture surpasses its specification.


4.4 android based HTC one has surpassed all its predecessors in terms specification and user engagement. The phone offers 5 inch full HD display and has two UltraPixel cameras that are sure to allure you with their picture quality.

Besides, there are various other mobile phones that too are worth considering, such as Google Nexus 5 and Moto G (16GB) latest offering from an android owner itself i.e. Google. These two are also doing a great job and have become dear phones of many of its users.

If you want to buy any of these smartphones at as minimal price as possible then consider buying them from an eCommerce website. There are many eCommerce websites, such as flip kart, snap deal, amazon, and sundry others that offer multiple discounts and various festive offers on mobile phones. Having said that, ensure that you get a warranty card along with the phone, as it is your authorization to avail free services from your particular mobile phone manufacturer.

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