Note 4 Edge Price Can Give You The Pleasure Of Smartphones

Samsung phones do not come with unreasonable price tags. You can get an idea about it when you check the latest price of the Note Edge. The phone has everything you want in your Smartphone. However, the price is not a big matter for the ones who love Flagship phones in their hand. The phone comes with some unique features like Revolving UI, Curved screen and many more others. All these features have made the device a unique one. The users are also surprised by its price. Thus, the popularity of this phone is so high in the market.

Utility Of The Edge Display

The Edge has some own features in its display. Some of these are really good and some may need some more improvement. This phone is perfect for the photographers, who like to use their mobile phone for taking snaps of various objects. Moreover, the Note 4 edge price can also help them to have a great phone in hand with a handy camera.

  • You can lunch the camera from the Edge display of the phone.
  • The camera is located there by default and you do not need to set it there.
  • The click button is on the Edge’s ridge and you can have it at the top in the landscape mode and at the middle when it is the portrait mode.


Great Control Over The Icons

You can have some control over the panels and the icons. You can choose which of the icons you want to have on the primary panel. You can also choose the number of panel for the display of your phone. That means you can set the icons as per your convenience and priority.

  • You can easily customize the tools and panels with the help of an awesome editing tool, which is located on the phone.
  • The panel manager feature will also help you in managing the panel of your phone as per your expediency.
  • You can get various notifications from several apps on the Edge display.


Get Alerts Easily

You can get the alerts from various apps easily in your Note Edge. The Note 4 edge price will seem very nominal in front of so many great features. You can open and close all the notifications and alerts with the help of a single tap. The Edge display provides support to the folders as well. You can open the folders to view other files on the main display of the phone.

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