All About Online Coaching and IIT JEE Video Lectures

Online coaching has gained immense popularity over the years. Students are especially opting for this all new way of coaching to prepare for competitive exams such as IIT-JEE and AIPMT. And why not? There are several benefits that this new method of teaching offers over the conventional classroom training. You must have heard that it offers you the ease of studying anywhere and at anytime however this is not it. There is a lot more to it. In case the concept of online coaching is novel to you and you are still wondering as to what has led to its popularity then read on to find out about the same.

IT JEE Video Lectures

Here is how online coaching at institutes like Etoosindia is delivered:


IIT JEE video lectures as well as the lectures for the preparation of various other examinations are available in different modes including USB, VOD, Mobile and DVD. Multiple modes have been made available so as to cater to the needs of larger number of students. You can choose between the offline and online mode of lectures based on whichever mode suits you best. Placing the order is just a click away and the video lectures are delivered to your doorstep within no time. You do not require indulging in any lengthy procedure to begin your online coaching.


Many of you may be of the opinion that online coaching does not offer the kind of environment required to keep the students engrossed. However, this is a wrong notion. Various lectures including the CBSE, AIPMT and IIT JEE video lectures available here are high in quality. Both the video and audio quality of these lectures is such that it offers you the feel of sitting in an actual classroom like environment.


The video lectures are not a mere replica of the guide books. They do not just give you the essential information but provide it to you in such a way that it is easy for you to grasp it. The lectures are designed and developed by top faculties who have thorough understanding of their respective subjects and years of experience in the field. They have trained several students over the years and are well aware as to how to put their point across so as to ensure that it is understood well.


Video lectures once purchased can be viewed unlimited times within the given period. So you don’t get access to a particular lecture just once. Any topic that you find hard to understand can be viewed over and over again so as to grasp it properly. Besides, you can also revise your chapters thoroughly with the help of these lectures. So this is another reason why online coaching has an edge over the conventional classroom training.

Knowledge Testing

Online coaching does not only imparts information but also tests your knowledge. Most of the online coaching institutes offer a number of mock tests in different subjects. These tests have specifically been designed as per the actual examination pattern and help in testing your knowledge as well as speed. These help you prepare better for the exam.

The points mentioned here should have given you a fair idea about how the concept of online coaching works. If you still have some doubts or apprehensions you can try Etoosindia’s free IIT JEE video lectures to get a first-hand experience of this method of teaching. The institute has quite a few free video lectures on offer to help you prepare for certain topics as well as to give you a feel of online coaching before you actually opt for it.

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