How A School App Connects The Parents Like Never Before?

The modern day parents are more concerned about the growth of their kids. They want to see it in real-time. Thanks to the mobile app like Teno they are able to remain connected to their kids throughout the duration the kids are in the school. So what are the various ways the app can benefit the parents? Let’s have a look

school app for parents

Keeping The Parents Connected

With the app, the parent is able to remain connected to their kids in a better way. This app allows the teacher to send the messages in real time. They can share the progress of their kids and in many creative ways.

Teachers Can Be Creative

The app has many multimedia features that support the creativity. If the teachers want to share any video they can do it with ease. If they want to share any images, they can send it as well. When parents receive such messages they are happy to see that they are being cared additionally and it leaves a good image in their minds for the school and its services.

Creates A Positive Image

With this positive image, the school becomes a brand that makes it look as more technologically advanced than the rest of the others. This image goes a long way in helping the school attract even more parents to seek admissions for their kids. This branding is also helpful for the new parents as well. They don’t have to think too much about the services offered by the school. When they see that the school is a tech savvy they are convinced about the quality. They don’t have to compare the schools or have to go from one to another when they see that the other parents are using the latest ways to remain connected with their kids.

Enhances The Communication Of Schools

In absence of a mobile app like Teno, the schools had to send all the notifications in print. It was very time consuming and sometimes the parents didn’t get the messages at all. All these changes with the mobile app. Now the schools can inform the parents about any news events ahead of time and with surety. They can also make the announcements of any sudden cancellation of the event with the help of the real-time messages. It’ll help the parents in avoiding any inconvenience and they can decide better what to do instead.

Make Fee Payment Online

One of the most challenging things before the parents was the payment of the school fee. Even when the fee had to real-time in the bank, they have to face long queues there. With the mobile app, there is no need for the parents to face this situation. All they have to do is to use the app and make the payments online.

In the end, Teno app makes the life easy not just for the parents but for the schools as well. Now they have a brand image that works for them.

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