Why You Should Choose AIPMT Coaching Online?

Also known as the All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT), the India Medical Examination needs to be taken by medical and dental students who wish to further their studies at various medical colleges throughout India. The examination is piloted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), and it could be written on predetermined dates.

AIPMT online coaching

Based On a Prescribed Syllabus

The APIMT examination is grounded on a syllabus that has been made by the CBSE, and students will be offered with a questionnaire that consists of 180 multiple choice questions. The examination will be worth a total of 720 points, of which each question is worth 4 points, with one mark being deducted for each question that is answered incorrectly. Students are required to obtain 520 marks or more if they would like to further their studies in the medical field. The examination can either be written in English or Hindi, depending on the preference of the student in question.

Important Qualifying Criteria

Students who would like to write this examination need to ensure that they are at least 17 years of age on or before December 31 in the year of their admission, and the upper age limit for being allowed to qualify currently stands at 25 years old. It is also essential for examination candidates to ensure that they have obtained at least a 50% pass rate in their high school studies for Chemistry, Physics, English, Biology and Biotechnology in the past then they will be permitted to write the APIMT exam.

Scheduling Information

It is important for students to know how the scheduling process works, as this will ensure that they register in time to write. Registrations take place online, and the process begins during the first week of December in the preceding year. Although students have until the end of December that year to complete the registration process, the final deadline is usually at the end of January of the year that the exam is being written – however, late fees may then be applicable in this case. Admittance cards for the examination are available for students to download in the first week of April, and the exam takes place in the first week of May. Students get their exam results in the first week of June.

Online Registration Required

Students should ensure that they prepare well in advance to write this examination. At present, it is also only possible to apply to write the AIPMT exam online, so students will need to have internet access in order to complete the registration process. It is also important for students to understand that re-taking the examination is usually not possible, so passing it the first time around is essential. There are many practice exam papers available online, which will help familiarize students with the type of questions and format, hey can expect to see in the actual examination.

Performing All the Tasks on Time

Making certain that all the tasks are performed timely is relatively important considering the fact that if anything is not done on time, then it will hamper the whole outcome. In addition to that, in competitive exams like AIPMT a minor difference in the final result can change someone’s future drastically. So, it is pretty necessary to perform the search online as offline in the finest possible manner as well as prepare accordingly.


On the whole, making sure that the necessary preparation is being done and that the registration process is completed as early as possible after registration has opened for the year will help secure students a place to write the India medical exam.

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