Accounts Receivable Financing From Cfsfunds

Finance is the lifeblood of business. It is what drives the operations on a day to day basis through the acquisition of stocks and the payment of all obligations as and when they fall due. A business that fails to pay its suppliers on time will be effectively driven out of business by an inability to acquire the requisite stocks on favorable terms. Business overheads also need to be paid on time to ensure that the business enjoys continuity and continues to grow.


What Is The Problem?

A business that seeks to make timeous payments towards its needs and obligations will naturally face one enormous obstacle which is the timely payments on its sales by clients. Suppliers will normally require payments to be made on received goods within short periods of time. It is however almost impossible to enforce the same turnaround with respect to clients some of whom might take longer. Apart from suppliers, there are many other day to day scenarios that will require you to be liquid.

What Can Be Done?

A convenient and effective solution can be found in Accounts Receivable Financing from CFSfunds. With this facility, you will be able to take care of your obligations on time while allowing your clients the latitude to pay without being pestered or roughed up. This is a win-win situation which enables you to retain your suppliers and customers at the same time.

How Does It Work?

• Accounts receivable financing, also known as invoice factoring, is an alternative to taking out a loan which grants you a line of credit against of your invoices.
• The value of your current invoices is what determines the amount of cash that you get.
• Your invoices are taken over by the account receivable and invoice factoring company which assumes the duty of collecting from your clients
• The money will be transferred to you within 24 hours and it will be about 85% of the total value of your invoices.
• The advantages are many and include the absence of the need to repay Capital Funding Solutions or fork out interest, an instantaneous disbursement of funds and the ability to segregate which invoices you may want to utilize.

Above all this CFS employs professional and acceptable collection methods that in no way harass or threaten your client base. This is quite crucial as any methods that fly in the face of acceptable conduct will erode your client base.

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