Encourage Travel Among Your Employees

Unmotivated employees can be a real problem for a company. It is like a virus that runs through departments and sometimes even entire company, if it is not addressed in the right way. Motivating employees to take trips can be an excellent solution to incite them at workplace. Trips make a person escape from his/her usual, boring schedule, normal environment, and everyday to-do lists. It helps mind and body to relax, recreate and rejuvenate.

But how will you make sure that the travel programs are up to the mark? Here we tell you the ways.

Reward travel incentives

Offering money is not a solution to every problem, especially to address the challenge to motivate the employees. Employers often try to combat the problem of demotivation at workplace with raises and cash incentives. But, does it solve the problem? No. There is always a better method, i.e., travel incentives. Travel incentives help in a myriad of ways when monetary rewards often fail to inspire people. Why? Because cash prize can be used only to pay off bills, but travel incentives provide an unforgettable lifetime experience. They build excitement for weeks and earning a trip incentive also encourages other employees at the workplace to perform better.

employee travels

Tax-saving solution

When employers motivate employees to travel, it is important to make the verification of employees’ leave travel allowance claims hassle-free and smooth. Zeta Optima LTA Card is the best tax-saving solution that can be issued for LTA reimbursement of travel claims of employees. The card enables employees to make an LTA claim for expenses related to flight, bus, train as well as cab expenses. In addition, it also checks all LTA claims submitted by employees and uses a government approved database for verification. Can be customized to suit a company’s policy, Zeta Optima can access validated travel documents of the employees as well as save travel claims digitally for 8 years. Isn’t it a smart way to encourage employees to take trips and make this process fuss-free?

LTA reimbursement

Flexible travel policies

The way an employee travels speaks a lot about their company culture as well as organization’s values, especially if it is business travel. Though there is not fixed single style of travel management that would be appropriate for an organization, a company’s travel policy does affect employee experience. An ideal policy creates guidelines for employees to follow not giving space for them to jump through, but it doesn’t mean that rules should be tighter so that employees get burdened to spend more time in planning their trips. In a nutshell, the policies, procedure, and rules a company develops for travel should aid employee’s productivity and well-being.

Thus, to increase motivation and engagement and boost performance and satisfaction at the workplace, motivate your employees to travel. Remember that money can be quickly and easily spent leading to a short-term motivation, but travel creates memories for a lifetime that continues to drive employees.

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