A Perfect Entry Level Job in Banking Sector

Though the job of in banking sector can be full of challenges, but can be very lucrative in terms of wages. If we talk about the bank teller salary, it is good enough as compared to other fields. Yes, it is an entry level job and far better in term of salary than other entry level jobs.

It requires great attention to deal with the customers because various different kinds of customers come in the bank everyday. Bank tellers work as frontline personnel in any bank that makes their job little complicated. To grab the job of bank teller, one needs to be expertise in accounting as well as skilled in personal interface.

The employment status of bank teller salary can be classified as full-time and part-time bank tellers. Job responsibilities and salary may vary as per status of the job. Let’s now discuss that how much they make. A full-time bank teller can earn approximately $24,780 per annum. Salary can go up to $32,520 or down to $18,270 accordingly. In the year 2012, a large number of bank tellers worked for depository banks and it comprised of ninety percent of around 580,000 positions and income calculated at $24,750 per year.

Coming to part-time bank teller jobs, there are differences in the salary as they work for less hours. They work on hourly wages and the duration may be from minimum one hour to 34 hours in a week. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the part-time teller can earn from $12.00 to $408.00. The amount completely depends on the number of working hours.

Moreover, the salary may vary state to state and according to the skills as well as experience of the candidate. On a concluding note, it can be said that there is a good scope in this field and one can think in this direction while choosing career.

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