Aptitude Tests-A necessary HR Tool

Employers and recruiters use aptitude tests as a testing tool to assess your learning capacity related to the work you would be performing after selection. In short these tests have become quite common and are indeed useful to find out your suitability for the profile that you have applied for. There are many different psychometric aptitude tests such as numerical, conceptual or abstract, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning and so on. If you are preparing for an interview or for appraisal within your office, then it would be of great help to try out aptitude testing examples and extensively take aptitude practice test. Specialized website offer standard employer psychometric tests which are meant for professionals who are keen in making a careers in finance, accountancy, engineering, business, banking, and other fields. There are plenty of websites that allow you to take free aptitude test trials and one look at the results will indicate your current status and preparedness level.

Aptitude Practise TestNumerical aptitude test is for bankers and accountants and has questions that assess your knowledge of numbers, ratios, percentages, analysis, rates, trends and currency conversions and so on. The logical reasoning is tested by diagrammatic reasoning tests that finds out your ability to infer a set of rules from sequence of diagrams and then to apply it to a particular situation.  Your ability to read short passages and answering related questions assessing your comprehension of the given passage and how constructively you can think is assessed through verbal reasoning tests.

Fluid versus crystallized intelligence

Aptitude tests can be broadly classified into two categories; one that tests the fluid intelligence and the other crystallized intelligence. Fluid intelligence is about your ability to think on your feet and solve problems by applying strategy. It is also about learning quickly and deals with ambiguous situations taking right decisions. Some of the aptitude tests in this group are diagrammatic reasoning, logical reasoning, inductive and conceptual reasoning.

Crystallized intelligence is all about learning from one’s past experiences and to apply this knowledge to work-related situations. Most or all report work that includes understanding work instructions, analyzing reports and using software and other tools to make decisions and arrive at conclusions involve crystallized intelligence. Verbal, numerical, spatial and mechanical aptitude tests belong to this group of aptitude tests.

All you need to do is to take plenty of aptitude practice test before taking the actual test to get through with flying colors.

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