Cover Letter: Document of Importance

For those who think that writing a cover letter is an intimidating task and have no clue about the pattern and procedure to start with the document, then this article can be of great help furnishing the nitty-gritty about the document and its importance.

Cover Letter is referred by various names as covering letter, motivational letter, or letter of motivation. Different people call it differently, but the document is of high importance and is used by the job aspirants while applying for various positions. It is attached to other documents as in resume or curriculum vitae. Job aspirants ideally use cover letter as the essential tool to introduce themselves to the potential employers and intend to explain about their skills and capability, pertaining to the job profile applied for.

Cover letter serves to be an important document for the employers to select the aspirant to further rounds of interview. It is indeed necessary on the aspirant’s end to thoughtfully comprehend the resume as employers mostly consider well-drafted cover letter for screening the individuals for the vacancies in the organization.

Professional way of presenting resume or curriculum vitae is the need of hour to stand in the competitive market industry. There are many employers who consider cover letter completely important and many times resumes are rejected straightaway perhaps because they lack the professional touch and cover letter.

For all who think comprehending a cover letter is a daunting task and are unaware of what should be included then research for professional cover letter patterns, they can ideally help you.

1The cover letters are typically segregated in to three categories:-

• The application or cover letter which responds top known job opportunity
• The networking letter which perchance request information and data in the sender’s job hunt
• The uninvited or prospecting cover letter which inquires about possible positions.

Cover Letter an Essential Tool

It is a letter of high importance and therefore should not be a duplicate of your resume instead it should be designed in a manner in which it forms sync with the resume. It should involve data which should which is more facts oriented and should add personal touch to the resume. It should indeed satisfy its presence and should not be a like an unnecessary document.

Many experts have made efforts to provide samples of professional cover letters; one can go on searching for these samples as they can ideally help in smartly comprehending the cover letter. It is essential to incorporate some important points in the cover letter which ideally meet the job profile.

Cover Letter Format

The format of the cover letter should be professional and should incorporate information in three set sections of header, introduction, body and closing.

Header: – Cover Letters designed in the professional manner following the standard business style. It should comprise sender’s address and recipients contact information and the date immediately after the sender’s or the recipients address. The header should also involve salutation to the person who it is refers.

Introduction: – Immediately after the header there is introductory section which incorporates the data about the position candidates is applying for and should be like written in a manner that it immediately catches attention of the recruiter and should be strikingly appealing.

Body: – The body of the document is of high importance as it gives a highlight about the willingness of the job seeker in the job and what value can he /she add to the current department of the organization. Aspirants can also incorporate information as in skills, qualification and previous work experience with other organizations.

Closing: – In the closing the aspirant may incorporate statements pertaining to further progress of the process. Though many applicants take the indirect approach and ask for favor as in hope to hear from you or others referring to the hiring manager. Instead be direct. After closing, are the valediction and signature sections.

Cover letter also serves as the marketing tool for many job seekers. They are also used with many business documents such as loan application, contract drafts and proposals. The job seekers should actually comprehend it keeping in mind the job profile applied for and should be in sync with it.

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