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If you love animals and want to make your career in healthcare and medicine, you can choose to be a vet assistant. You might be aware of that veterinarians are those people who look after the animals to cure their sickness. As entry level, vet assistant salary is truly something considerable. Apart from practicing in a clinic or any hospital, vet assistant can work in a zoo.

A vet assistant is responsible to assist the vet technician that deals with several different kinds of animals, livestock, and birds. Apart from providing assistance to the veterinarians, an assistant is responsible to help the vets in providing them with medicines, shave the animals, and so on. Major responsibilities include checkup and treating the animals and birds when they are suffering from any disease, taking proper care during pregnancy, instructing the owners of animals so that they can look after their animals properly, upkeep of equipment, maintaining inventory of medication and equipment, keeping records of health of the animals, lending support during surgeries, and so on.

Let’s now discuss what is required to enter in the field to be a vet assistant. All you need to do is doing certification course, degree in veterinary medicine from any college or institute recognized by a well-known university. After gaining experience by working with vet technician, assistant can get good chances of growth. There can be a good scope further such as teaching in the schools or colleges, researching about a wide variety of foods and diseases, and drugs pertaining to animals.

Coming to wages, one can expect good salary and it becomes better by and by as experience increases. Moreover, proper certification and license can make you able to get promotion and earn a bit more.

Vet assistants are in high demand these days in the United States and numbers of requirement is getting higher day by day due to demand of veterinary technicians.

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