Top Sixteen Common Asked Interview Questions

Employers ask many questions during an interview. The interview is almost all the time is a question and answer session. It is better if we get prepared for the interview, we always don’t have to memorize the answers. What we need to get prepared for this. So we have tried so hard to know questions to ask during an interview.

We have tried to find out the some of the most common questions of the interview session. We have tried to cover up the details about those questions also. Which you may like. Here we pointed some Top interview questions.


1. Where is the responsibility in this job?

– You need to describe about the responsibility in this job.

2. What did you dislike at the job you were before?

-Describe yours if you were in a job before.

3. What were the major challenges and problem you faced?

– Describe about your problems

4. Your strength point.

– Describe about your strength.

5. Your weaknesses.

– Talk about your weakness.

6. How do you handle the pressure?

– Your method of handling the pressure.

7. Talk about a difficult work environment and how to overcome it?

– Describe it in your own words.

8. What was your biggest success?

– Talk about your biggest success ever about that position.

9. What was your biggest failure?

– In this part you need to talk about your biggest failure.

10. What was your accomplishment?

-Talk about your accomplishment.

11. What is the future of that particular business?

– There you will tell about that business.

12. Why should you want that job?

– Describe your reason for wanting that particular job.

13. Why should someone hire you?

– Describe the reason why the buyer should hire you.

14. Tell me about you and your family?

-Describe the whole thing about you and your family.

15. Question about your colleagues?

– You may ask any question about your colleagues.

16. Describe your career goal.

– You should describe your career goal there.

It is not possible to define which employer is going to what type of question. Though we have tried to find out some questions to ask in an interview, some of them may help you really ended. Though we have tried to figure out the top interview questions, but you have to always find it out what you are going to do on an interview, indeed.

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