Want to Ditch a Mega Corp For a Startup? Here’s How

The venture capitalists market is buzzing with activity these days. More number of funded startups is in the news than any time before. With established companies struggling to maintain margins, people are flocking towards startups for the freedom and growth opportunities they offer. What if you also get a job offer from a startup?

When you were studying in the college, people made you believe that education is power. Your degree can help create a difference, make the world a better place to live. As the college came to an end all the talks about innovation, passion, novelty took a backseat as you got caught in the melee, where people were stepping on each other to get that well paying job in a multinational.

A couple of year hence and you are left disillusioned, disappointed, dejected wondering what all happened to the “create a difference” thing. This is a story of one and many. With situation might bleak out there in mega corps people are looking towards alternatives that get the bills paid and gives a meaningful curve to their existence and education. Startups seem like doing something similar and that is why so much hoopla about them. If you have recently got a job offer from one of the popular startups here is what you ought to know.

It’s a risky affair:

The decision to accept a job at a startup is not an easy one as there is a lot of risk involved. For starters, every three out of four startups are destined to fail. Thus there are high chances that you will be job hunting in the next couple of years. What seems to you like the next “Eureka” idea could be just wishful thinking. The startup could fail owing several reasons, bad execution, loss of interest, or tough competition. And to make things even more difficult are the low salaries (sometimes you may have to live out of your own pocket), diluting investment equities, long working hours and non-existent retirement accounts.  Despite all these caveats, working for startup has its own advantages.

Your existence matter

The biggest benefit that any startup has that it provides opportunity to reach individuals and affect their life in a tangible manner. At a startup you develop solutions to problems that have either been overlooked (deemed too trivial by the bigger organizations) or have not been recognized as a problem yet. This is an opportunity to drive change and should serve as the best reason for you to switch from a company where your work is only recognized as far as your manager. If you have the courage to re-shape a multi-billion industry and bring about disruption then either being hired for a startup or founding your own startup is the only way of doing that.

Learning never stops

If you think that college was the last time you learned anything worthwhile then try working at a startup. While big organizations capitalize on the knowledge that the employee already has, juicing him without providing any new growth, a startup, on the other hand, coaxes its employees to learn new things of the trade. Since a startup is short on financial resources, employees are often handling multiple responsibilities. Say, if you are working in an internet entrepreneurial venture, your recruitment might be for the designing part, but it will only be a matter of time before you find yourself sitting with programmers writing bits of code. Thus startups offer an incredible opportunity to learn about a lot of different things at a velocity that’s hard to believe.

See results of your work in real time

While major corporations have multiple tiers of working levels, at a startup there is no such hierarchy and you work in direct coordination with others, even if it might be the CEO. The customer feedback comes quickly. You wake up, build something and tomorrow it will be out there within the public in its beta release. This ability to learn in real time will never be available to the white collar professionals.


Regardless of the college you graduated or the experience you have in the industry, a startup will offer ample opportunities for success. No one cares whether you have been an achiever or underachiever in the past, if you work hard, and create things your career will accelerate at a greater pace than it would in a corporate setting.

Saurabh Tyagi is an expert writer having interest in diverse topics like education, technology, career and Web 2.0. He is a social media enthusiast and a self-confessed gadget-freak, who loves to follow the latest happenings in the tech world.


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