Need-to-Know Information to Hire a Denver DUI Lawyer

If you consume alcohol, even occasionally, you are more likely to get charged with a DUI conviction in Denver than any other jurisdiction in the US. However, a competent Denver DUI lawyer can help you navigate this treacherous territory. You also need to possess the right information on the course forward, from the first encounter that you make with the police.

How a DUI Charge Can Come Into Being?

A DUI charge can arise out a number of scenarios, including:

1. Being stopped at a routine traffic stop and giving the officer the impression that you are drunk during your interactions
2. Driving erratically or dangerously on the road and getting stopped by an officer of the law
3. Getting involved in an accident
4. An anonymous tip to the effect that you are on the road and driving dangerously or known to be intoxicated/under the influence of drugs

Denver DUI Lawyer
What Constitutes DUI In Denver?

The definition of DUI is similar in all states in the US. It basically entails driving under the influence of alcohol or any behavior altering drugs. What differs is the level of intoxication that makes one vulnerable to a DUI conviction. Most states consider a Blood Alcohol Content level of 0.08 to be the threshold that warrants a DUI charge.

DUI laws in Colorado are however different from most states. For starters, a BAC of 0.05 is enough to result in prosecution. Another difference that exists in Colorado, which makes it more imperative to secure the services of a Denver dui attorney, is the presence of two DUI laws that can be applied simultaneously. If you are found guilty on both charges, however, only one sentence is to be served.

Why You Need To Know About DUI

What makes it important to be armed with information on DUI is the fact that you are not entitled to request a lawyer before making decisions such as whether or not to take the alcohol tests. Any such request has a real potential of being considered as a refusal.

What Happens When You Are Stopped?

When you are pulled over by the cops under suspicion of driving under the influence, there are a number of ways how the issue might proceed. The officer will obviously engage you in conversation and there a number of things that you must get right at this point.

What to Do?

Don’t say anything to the officer about your drinking or where you have been. Simply hand over your license, registration, and insurance documents and remain seated in your vehicle. Your silence is one weapon at your disposal which can never turn against you, if and when you are brought to answer to a DUI charge. The issue is almost always never mentioned.

After that, the officer will most likely ask you to submit to a breathalyzer test and/or field sobriety tests. While there are some states where you can take your chances by declining the tests and only submitting to one administered at the police station, in Colorado it is strongly advised that you comply with the blood and breath tests. You are however at liberty to turn down other field sobriety tests such as walking the straight line, standing one foot, etc. these are not mandatory and you can politely decline to participate.

You definitely need a competent DUI attorney in Denver to help you fight your case and get the charges dropped or reduced and even win an acquittal.

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