A Shift to Consulting From an Industry Position

Planning to shift to a consulting niche from an industry position? Check out the inner story involved.
Transitioning from any industry position into consulting niche is no cakewalk. The genre of consulting has vibes, organization and structural straits that are different from anything you see while working within the industry.

For those shifting from the latter into consulting, a fair bit of time goes into adjusting with such changes and difference in work and life patterns. No matter if you shift to automotive consulting or plan to set up market research firms, the amount of time you take to adjust varies on an individual basis.

121If you’ve just exited the industry, the adjustment span could fail to meet the expectation of your own self or of the hiring entity. If this stretches out too long, termination is a common turn that a hiring firm takes. With such an impression, a number of industry hires often find it difficult to attain prominence and permanence in any consulting entity—from automotive consulting to market research firms.

Are you wondering as to what structural differences go on to become obstacles for niche-hopper?  Read up a few factors that lead quick termination of industry hire employments at consulting entities.

•  Consistent and frequent business trips
• Industry hires find it challenging to adjust to the structure of consulting companies. This comprises the tier-wise authoritarian organization and fluid dynamics of organization
•  Frequent spillover of work into personal space
• The inability to attune the self to the concept of keeping records for all expenses and time (to get the employer to pay you)
•  Failure to coordinate with colleagues who change frequently
• Industry hires find it especially challenging to stick to automotive consulting or market research firms because of the need to grasp new concepts on a frequent basis.

On the other hand, there are plenty of factors that help industry hires make a stable footing in the consulting niche. The transition becomes smoother with the length of time you spend in the consulting industry. The more you are accustomed and suited to frequent traveling; you will be better prone to making a mark in the consulting genre. Try adopting a friendly, open approach towards newer additions to your work team and office. This spares you of issues allied to adjustment inability at office.

An end note

Now that the picture of transition from industry to consulting stands clearly painted, it is time you make your mind up about adapting to workplace challenges. There is no job that cannot be survived in. It all lies in how you adjust to such transitions mentally.

After all, consulting firms are back in the game, post-recession. With such an era back into being, a good number of industry workers might look to leap into the consulting niche. Did you recently hear that consulting was losing out on its appeal? Well, you could not have heard something more wrong! Gear up for a career switch and tackle the challenges in your way.

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