Better Features At Best Mobile Phone Price In India

The best high-end phones are available in the country now, courtesy Samsung. If you are looking for premium designs and great color, then you can opt for the Galaxy series. These use an innovative design and have a great display which cannot be compared with any other. The A7 model is quite a high-end model with a 14cm AMOLED display that gives great color and life like display. It has a full unibody design that is made of metal and great to hold in hand. You will quite enjoy having it with you and love the attention that you get from friends.

Take nice pictures

The A7 has a great camera that lets you take great selfies and group pictures.

•    You can touch it anywhere on the screen to take the picture. The wide screen allows your entire friends to fit in, and the device can even merge three pictures taken from different angles.

•    When you get so much benefit from a single device, you think the mobile phone price in India is quite justified because you are getting such a high-end phone.

•    The display brings life-like colors because the device can adjust to the surroundings and pick up the hues intelligently.

Many themes and sounds

The phone has many diverse features like ringtones and startups, changeable themes and notification and touch sounds that can match you mood.

  • The battery is a gem and has the power saving feature. It will automatically shut off unnecessary functions and save power so that you have the phone when you need it the most.
  • It uses Android KitKat technology which makes the phone really fast whether you are doing office work or gaming.
  • It has an internal memory of 16 GB and external 64GB which is more than you will normally need.

Other important features

It packs in regular features like FM radio and recording facility which you will get in any device that belongs to the medium range of mobile phone price in India. Light weight it may be but from the point of view of the features it is quite good and hardy too. The Gorilla Glass used on the front is very strong and can withstand minor scratches. The rest of it is made of metal. It comes in a few classic colors that make the phone stand out in the crowd. Stylish and hardy, the phone is one of the best available in the market. Flaunt your phone with style.

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