Comprehensive Information On Forthcoming New Microsoft Lumia 940 XL Phablet

There is a massive amount of prediction for forthcoming high-tech Smartphone Microsoft Lumia 940 XL. It is considered to be the long awaited phablet which will surely meet the needs of high-end users. The unofficial specifications of this device includes internal memory of 32-GB, 5.7 inch display screen possessing HD quad resolution of about 2560 x 1440. By hearing unofficial news regarding features and specifications of the Lumia 940 Smartphone, you must keep in mind that it is not yet confirmed officially. If you are eagerly waiting to know the official specifications of Lumia 940 XL then you need to wait for some time so as to know the official technical specifications of the larger phablet version.

Specifications Of Microsoft Lumia 940 XL:

Specifications of upcoming Microsoft’s phablet under the name Lumia 940 XL has been declared as the successor of the existing Nokia Lumia 930. According to the rumor, the Microsoft Lumia 940 XL will includes astonishing features of 5.7 inch HD quad touch-screen display with magnificent resolution of about 2560×1440 pixels. Moreover, this handset will be powered by means of latest Snapdragon 810-SoC Qualcomm processor in addition to the octa-core processor. Besides from these aspects, this new upcoming Smartphone is considered to hold wonderful battery power of 3300 mAh. As per the benchmark results, the Microsoft Lumia 940-XL will possess internal storage of 16-GB and hence RAM of 1.5 GB. The test also reveals that this device will also comes with wonderful sensors like proximity, gyroscope, compass, NFC, accelerometer, compass, light sensor and many more. The Lumia 940 XL phablet is known to be the first handset which arrives with pre-installed OS of windows 10. Get Paytm mobile coupons from trustworthy websites in order to obtain the fascinating handset of your choice.


Features Of Microsoft Lumia 940 XL:

The upcoming Microsoft Lumia 940 XL is predicted to come with 20-MP rear camera with 5-MP front camera. Some of the rumors indicate that this handset will hold astonishing feature of Type-C USB connection, iris scanner and native pen support for the purpose of authentication that will allow the users to easily unlock the gadget through front-facing camera. Since Microsoft has not disclosed the official release data of 940 XL however it is expected that the phablet will be released soon within few months time. The rumors are also pointing towards the upcoming device that it might hold features like distinct metallic unibody frame, 5-MP front snapper, and Snapdragon 810 processor along with GPU of Adreno 430. This handset bears the model name of RM-1100 and it is expected to be launched soon at the end of this year.  With aid of, you are sure to get cost-effective upcoming gadget beyond your expectation.

Expected Technical Specifications Of Phablet:

The unofficial Microsoft Lumia 940 XL is expected to hold sporty outlook with top-end specifications. The screen size of the handset is known to be in series with cityman Smartphone which was planned in may next to the talkman with display size of 5.2 inches. Other technical specifications of the upcoming Microsoft Lumia 940 XL are that it will hold wonderful processor of octa-core Snapdragon owing to the implementation of Adreno 430 along with it. The users will be benefitted from taking selfies through 5-megapixel front-facing camera. More than that, this new device would be of smaller sibling of existing Microsoft Lumia 940.

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