Cooler than thou-Samsung Air conditioners capture the Indian market

The tremendous heat and the blistering humidity of India have always kept the people on their toes when it comes to looking for solutions to provide respite from the wrath of the Sun. Though there are p0laces in India which are blessed with a wonderful climate, most of the region which holds the bulk of the population suffers from gruelling summers. Curtains made of Khas, rooms on the roof; hand-made fans etc. have always been a part of the conventional Indian setting. But with a growth in income and increasing awareness to technology and ways of the world, air conditioners seem to dominate the view of a conventional urban Indian landscape.

samsung-5 star- AC

The demand for air-conditioners is a perennial one in the Indian scenario. Furthermore, continuous industrial progression and setting of new office spaces have further added on to the ever-increasing demand. This has resulted in the growing interest of companies from all over the world into this vast market. The trend, initiated by Voltas, a partnership of the Tatas and the Volkart brothers established in 1954,

Since then, many companies have sprung up to meet the ever increasing demand of air conditioners in India.  The market has been flooded by new designs, effective power consumption options, low maintenance models and sleek structuring which leads to minimalist space requirement. Samsung, though relatively a new entrant in the air-conditioning field, has triumphed in most of the concerned areas. Samsung Air conditioners have been modelled keeping the Indian consumer in mind. Air conditioners in India are used almost throughout the year, as the period of winter in the central and some of the northern region is negligible. Centralized heating options are also provided in almost all of the Samsung models for use in winters.

Triangular design, floor standing, split and window ACs, Samsung has mastered the design for convenient spacing and storage.  The designs of these ACs are such that they provide optimum cooling and evenly distribute it through an available space. In a country where the sweltering heat can often make people ‘lose their cool’ literally-the thought of going to spaces with a pleasant environment calms the minds of many.  ACs are inevitable in a country like India, and providers who can gain trust and preference of buyers through quality products and proper after-sales services, will go a long way in cooling off their heels in the race to the top.

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