Enhance the experience of multi tasking with the new Samsung galaxy mega

Samsung is known for its experiment with the features and applications of every model that it launches. Every time Samsung launches a new model, it adds on something new to it. Recently Samsung has launched various Smartphones completely focusing on their display sizes. Now day’s people are trending towards large display mobile phones due to which Samsung has launched such large display models. One of the recently launched models of Samsung is Samsung galaxy mega which is similar to its name in size.


This phone possesses a very large display screen just according to its name. Samsung has initially launched two different versions of this Smartphone having slight difference in their features. In terms of size they both are more or less same. Both the versions are known by the name of mega 5.8 and mega 6.3. The former model of this phone possesses a display of 5.8 inches having resolution of 960 X 540 pixels whereas the latter one possesses a display of 6.3 inches having 1280 X 720 pixels screen resolution. The variant features which are present in both the versions of this mega Smartphone are:

  • Outstanding processor: Both the models of mega 5.8 and mega 6.3 possess a processor of dual core 0f 1.4 GHz and 1.7 GHz respectively. There is a very minute difference in the processor of both the phones.
  • Exceptional operating System: Samsung has equipped both the versions of this Mega phone with an exceptional jelly bean operating system of Android version 4.2. This is the most latest and popular android version for mobile phones.
  • Equivalent storage capacity: The storage capacity of both the versions is equivalent. They both carry a RAM of 1.5 GB, but their internal memory is different. The internal storage capacity of Mega 5.8 version is 8 GB whereas the internal storage capacity of mega 6.3 version is 16 GB. They both can be extended up to 64 B.
  • Similar photo cameras: The camera quality of both the phones is completely same. They both have alike features of Camera. The primary rear camera of both the versions is 8 Mega pixels having LED flash whereas the secondary front camera is 2 Mega pixels. They both provide similar picture quality.

The very difference that lies between both the versions of Samsung Galaxy mega is of prices. The Mega 5.8 version is comparatively cheaper in prices as compared to Mega 6.3 version.

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