Laser Printer – What Makes Samsung Laser Printers One of the Best?

At one time, printer machines were huge and looked like a couple of tons in size. With technological improvement, printers started becoming smaller in size and better in printing capabilities. These days, you can even find laser printing devices that work fast, print tests and images in highly detailed form and can even be paired with various types of devices. These make use of the advanced non-impact photocopier technology that utilizes lasers. Samsung, one of the biggest technological giants in the market, has brought out some amazing laser printer models. These stand out from those of other brands in a number of ways.

Fast Printing Capability

Samsung laser printing devices, such as the Samsung SL-M2020W, can produce high quality print copies and can also print at a much faster pace. Most models can print out the first page in less than 10 seconds. In 1 minute, they can yield as many as 22 pages. Due to their ability to produce documents faster, users have to waste less time in printing and can use that time to oversee other things.


These printers, such as Samsung Printer Xpress C1810W, are known to be compatible with operating systems like:

  • Linux
  • Macintosh and
  • Windows

You can easily get one for the OS that your computer runs. This indicates that you can get any Samsung printer to work with any type of equipment at office. Buying a printer which is compatible with various other equipments at office can save you a lot of time, effort and of course, money.

Better Input and Output Capacity

With Samsung laser-printer, you can expect a 150-sheet input capacity and a 100-sheet output capability. Due to this reason, there is less need for you to stop and begin adding paper to its paper feeder to make the printer start working again.

Toner Saving Feature

Most of the laser printing devices from Samsung come with a toner save feature. This increases the lifespan of the toner cartridges by as much as 40%, which can help reduce your expenses in buying more cartridges for your office. This is where printers like Samsung SL-M2020W score over rivals like:

  • Canon Pixma MG5620 and
  • Brother HL-L2360DW

Space Saving Feature

Most Samsung printers are small in size, and roughly about the size of an A4 sheet, as these have a footprint of 14 X 12 inches. These small sized printers use up less office space as compared to larger devices with similar features and capabilities.

Summary: There are some excellent laser printer models in the market and Samsung has some models of its own to offer to buyers. Find out what makes them some of the best ones in the market.

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