One Of The Best Elementary Phones In The Market, Samsung C3322

Today mobile phones have come of age. Even ten to fifteen years back, mobile phones were more of a fashion statement than a utility product. They were costly devices back then and were not half as versatile as it is today. In the present times, a mobile phone’s utility is not only restricted to calling and messaging. Different phones come with exciting features for both work and entertainment. Apart from having a variety of uses, mobile phones have become much cheaper and affordable in the present Indian market. Talking about mobile phones, one company that has stood the test of time is Samsung.

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General features of the phone

The mobile phones produced and offered by Samsung come in a wide range of usability and affordability. In this article, we discuss about the mobile phone model samsung c3322.

•    This phone is an entry level mobile phone that comes within the range of Rs 3000 to Rs 4000. This is a bar phone that comes with basic features those can be expected from a phone of this price range.

•    Among general features, the phone has an alpha numeric keypad for convenient typing and navigation. The phone has facilities for dual sim and works on GSM technology.

•     The device has a 5.59 cm screen with call features like loudspeaker, conference call and call timer. It runs on a powerful 1000 mAh battery that allows you up to 12 hours of talk time.

Some additional features

The phone has a whole lot of other interesting and useful features. Some of these features are as follows.

•    This mobile phone supports multimedia playback. It plays video and audio files and also has an FM player. The inbuilt 3D sound technology and DRM enhance your listening experience.

•    It has a 2MP rear camera. You can shoot high-quality videos and stills with this phone. It has camera features like white balance and 2x digital zoom.

•    In terms of internet and connectivity, the phone has pre-installed web browsers like WAP and Access NF 4.1. The phone supports Bluetooth and micro USB connectivity.

Guarantee and reliability

The samsung c3322 is a good choice as an elementary phone. It is a small-sized and handy device which is highly portable and fits into your pocket well. If you are looking for a second phone for alternative use, this phone is a good choice. It can store more than 1000 contacts and 1000 sms. The c3322 is a budget phone that comes with the reliability and guarantee of Samsung.

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