Options From Among the Top 10 Android Apps

Nowadays, there are a large number of applications available for android and smart phones. Hence, it is very difficult to find the one best suited to your purpose. Some coolest and most useful apps are free of cost. There are many apps which have payment options for additional features. Some apps have to be purchased for use. There are many features or benefits available on these applications. Some of these apps require your understanding of basic features before you can start using them for free.


A few easy options
• Most android users should know about the advanced task killer app.
• It is one of the free top 10 android apps available for your phone.
• Sometimes, you may notice that your phone loses battery very easily and quickly. The phone will be able to kill all unused applications with this application.
• The app will use your memory and CPU.
• It is the perfect app to save your battery.
• The next application which is very useful is the AP mobile app.
• It can grab all new stories and keep them in a cache for offline reading.
• It can tailor all local stories using zip codes.

Other options available
• It can also tailor local news through customizable homepages, multiple categories, constant updates and videos.
• Astrid is an application which will allow you to make to do lists.
• The application is simple to use.
• You can start a very basic list of tasks with the application.
• However, you can make it more complex if you so wish.
• You can add tags to your to do lists.
• You can set varying levels of reminders on it too.
• Another useful application is the Astro file manager.

A few last options
A last option among the top 10 Samsung android apps is Astro file manager. It will allow you to view the entire system of your android phone. You can also store this app on your SD card but you will not be able to use it from there. Another very important option is the Bonsai blast. It is a classic game which you are bound to enjoy. You will have to shoot colorful bubbles and strings holding other bubbles. The graphics are very attractive and it is an extremely addictive game to play. You can spend entire days with this game on your phone. Download apps according to your interests. Get unlimited entertainment with the help of apps. You can manage both professional and personal life with these apps.

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