Samsung Android Phones Are Associated With Both Touch And Type Option

Even though the competition is very stiff and high, you might want to take help of the best one, among the lot. At this present scenario, Samsung is ruling the charts, when the main area relates with Android phones. It might have thousands of competitors, on a global platform, but the service is just out of the world. The phones are available under different features, depending on the price range and with top-notch functional quality. Samsung is now offering a wide range of smart phones, with 100% android base and smooth, user-friendly option.

Looking towards the ranges

For the best product with all sorts of features, the range might start from 10,000. But, for a cheap option, you can get a basic android Smartphone, in between 4000 to 5000 rupees. At this present moment, it is hard to define the highest range as the manufacturing unit is coming up with various options, on the cards. Even though, the last price at this present scenario is ranging in between 30,000 to 40,000, with all types of advanced features, on the cards. Just make sure to check the features beforehand, and pre-set a budget, to avoid a sudden price hike.

Looking for the basic features

You must be aware of the basic features associated with samsung android phones.

  • In maximum instances, the phones with lower budget plans might comprise of 600 MHz phone, along with the best operating system.
  • The OS functions on 2.2 Froyo option and comes with various other standard features.
  • The screen size will start from 3.12 inches and can last till 5.5 inches as the prices are going to hike up.
  • The camera resolution can also vary from 3 MP to 5 MP. The latest phones are offering 18MP camera, where the picture is as good as the real one.
  • You can stay connected with the internet through WiFi zone, 3G connectivity and other mobile data packages.

Availing touch and type

Whenever you are talking about samsung android phones, it is not always necessary that it has to be a touch screen option only. At this present scenario, Samsung is offering both touch and type experience, under a single platform. Therefore, if you are more comfortable using QWERTY keypad, you can avail that within a range in between 8000 to 10,000. You can get all sorts of features just like normal touch phone, but the difference lies with the size of the screen.

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