Samsung Core Phone Is Associated With Perfect Features At Affordable Rates

Technology changes with changing time and you can see the changes mostly on mobile phones. Mainly defined nowadays as smartphones, these items are just amazing and come handy with various features, which was practically unbelievable previously. One such example is from Samsung, the ultimate winner of Smartphone challenges, always. It has now made a perfect phone for the middle class men, where they can avail all the varied features like in any expensive model, but without paying such a hefty amount. That name is Core, and it has already gained great popularity level among die hard Samsung fans.

core 2

Basic specifications to follow

Whenever you are talking about Core model form Samsung outlet, you will come across some basic features, now. Some of the key and important features are listed below:

  • This phone comprises of 4.5 inches screen, which is crystal clear and with specific Gorilla glass. Therefore, your screen will remain intact with fewer scratches to see.
  • It comprises of 1.2 GHz, which will make browsing fast, and without any hanging problem. You can now surf through the internet well, and with effective result, too.
  • This phone comprises of two cameras, one at the front and another one at rear end. The front camera is 0.3 MP and the rear one is of 5 MP. The pictures will come crystal clear.

Some other features for you

Apart from the points already mentioned, there are some other valuable services, which you can avail from samsung core values. If you are looking for some extra services, the features are listed below:

  • The camera resolution of this phone is 480 x 800 pixels and with 768 MB RAM. It follows the latest Android 4.4, as the main operating system.
  • This phone, rather smartphone, comprises of 4GB storage values, which can help in offering you with proficient service. Now, you can store loads of images, video files and even audio files, without making a fuss.

Now for the battery service

The most reliable proficient samsung core comprises of Li-Ion 1800 mAh battery and with a standby of 500 hours. For 3G connection, this phone is going to offer you with up to 300 working hours. For talk time purpose, this phone is going to work with 14 hours in 2G, and 9 hours for 3G. Therefore, you just need to charge the phone once, and avail services throughout the day, without even charging it for another time. The phone is just amazing for your daily rough use.



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