Samsung Tablet-Known for its excellence

Samsung is a respected brand name. It is well known in every field of technology. Televisions, ACs, mobile phones etc, the list of products are endless. The Samsung Tablet is one addition to catalog of laptops and smart phones. These slates are feature loaded and are priced less than some other ones of similar configurations. It is gaining popularity over the other tablets because of these reasons. Also Samsung offers a large number of choices unlike other brands.

Presently there are two different lines of product from Samsung. They are the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note. The models come in sizes 7, 8, 10 and 12 inches. The connectivity is in form of   Wi-Fi or 3G.


Why to choose this tablet?

There are many reasons to why one should buy tablets from Samsung.

  • All tablets from Samsung run on latest versions of Android Operating System (Lollypop, Kit Kat, and Jelly Bean), hence their touch responses are excellent. Also both power and memory is preserved because of this OS.
  • These tablets are thin and light weight with great leather back finish. This makes it easy on grip.
  • The screen resolutions of these tabs are usually superb and also they have an AMOLED display. This makes the viewing experience remarkable.
  • The screens have captive multi-touch. So it has the best responsive and fast reacting touch screen.
  • A good processor helps in fast performance. The processor of these slates is usually high. The tablets have usually 1.9 GHz processor Exynos CPU and 2GB RAM or more.
  • We need a high memory to store apps and movies. Samsung offers much higher internal and also expendable memory.
  • Connectivity is one criterion that can make a tab either a hit or miss. Tablets from this brand provide excellent connectivity. The Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G support is available in these models.
  • Many tablets have special stylus or pens to work on touch screens called the S Pen.
  • Many advanced features like Multi-Window, My Magazine etc makes the experience worthy enough to use.
  • It has many pre-installed apps. Also new apps can be easily installed on these tablets.
  • It has the DLNA which helps in fast sharing of data, movies and music.


We can decide which slate is good based on the criteria of quality of operating system and processor, memory available, touch sensitivity and connectivity it provides. Samsung Tablet is one of the best tablets available in the market today because it proves its brilliance in every field.

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