The Benefits of Mass SMS Marketing

The process of marketing has seen a sea of change with the digital revolution. Gone are the troublesome and lengthy personal interaction procedures of marketing, they have been completely engulfed by the fast, effective and significantly economical digital methods. Mass SMS marketing is one such method, which has provided great ease to marketing.

Benefits of Mass SMS Marketing

Swift communication

A beep is all it takes to inform the people about your message. It is one of the quickest ways to reach a wide base of consumers, and the average cycle time from information dissemination to action is less than 7 seconds.


Bulk SMS messaging services work for every alternative-whether you want to direct a message to a particular group or have a general message. SMS can be customized as per clients’ needs and demands as well. An industry update or an end-of-season discount, information can be provided in an easy manner to the people. They can easily be incorporated into the online marketing strategies as well.

 High Open Rate

It has become an impulsive reaction for people to at least open a message they have received. This is not always the case with other communication mediums, for instance mails. In the case of emails, because of their content being long and the comparatively long procedure, they do not enjoy a very high open and readability rate. SMSs, with their short, concise and catchy (most of the times) are ideal to provide marketing info.

Impulsive behavior

With SMS, the chances of getting a favorable response from the buyers are higher as they react instinctively to information. This is the reason why comparative studies have shown SMSs to have a high subscriber action. The persuasion power of a beep is much higher than that of a person these days.

Benefits of Mass SMS Marketing

 Limited space a boon

The character limit imposed to spread a message in SMSs was considered to be one of the drawbacks, but it has turned out to be a boon. Buyers do not like to slog through a long message, and it is the direct impact of few words which often makes a buyer react favorably.

Access to huge market

The astounding number of mobile phones that exist, and continue to increase every day, every hour and minute all around the world, opens up a treasure trove of market for entrepreneurs. Text messages are the direct links to these buyers, and they help the business owners to tap into this virtually limitless market.

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