Understanding the World of DVD Players

The home entertainment sphere has come a long way ever since the days of the VCR (Video Cassette recorder) and cathode ray tube televisions. Since then everything has got a lot smaller and smarter. Home entertainment gadgets are very important as they bring life into the home through entertainment and education. Most of the entertainment that goes on in the home is music and movies, a fat which has made the DVD player the central item in the home entertainment system design. The DVD player has also gone through a lot of changes to reach its present form.Samsung-DVDPlayer

The History

The first DVD players were such rigid products that they could not play any other file format. It was rare to find a DVD that can play both DVDs and VCDs. If anything, you had to get separate players for the different media types. Most players were also not able to play MP3 files and 5the same applied to hi-fis as well. Another fact that used to be true about DVD players is that they used to be manufactured for specific regions and you could not play productions made for other regions on a player. Despite all these limitations, the DVD changed the way people managed their home entertainment and brought a great improvement in the quality of movies you could watch at home.

It was a much deserved break from the video cassette which was susceptible to damage, wear and tear. It was also very bulky which made it quite some work to carry around. You also required a good amount of space to store a couple of them in your home meaning that a movie collection would require reasonable space.

The first DVD players also had a problem reading Disks which are not original and couldn’t view things like photographs. Technology has managed to take care of all the snags over the years and the present day player is a versatile machine capable of driving your entertainment. Modern Players can open most media file types which allows you to watch virtually anything. They can read movies whether are DVD, AVI, MPEG4 or any of the many formats in existence. The same goes for audio music files, image files, documents and much more.

The Modern DVD Player

Modern DVDS are also available in a number of options that have to do with the picture technology. You can get an ordinary DVD, HD DVD or one with Blu Ray capability among other options. Some of these Players have Radio Tuner functionality and can take the role of a DVD Player or Home Theatre system. You can also get a player that is a dedicated 2.1 sound, 4.1 or 5.1 sound. The issue of the sound output is important to pay attention to as it determines how you will be able to use your player. The remote control is also an integral part of the Player. Reputable manufacturers of electronics such as Samsung, LG and SONY usually have television remote control sets that can also manipulate any DVD of the same brand. This works well if your television and player are of the same genuine brand. In such a case you can put aside your player remote and use the one for the television for both devices.

Some players have in-built speakers which enable them play music in the absence of any accessories. They also support USB storage devices and allow for the ripping of music from a disk onto the storage device without the aid of a computer.  Go online if you want to compare the available options as well as look for any available savings.

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