Why Should You Stay In An Aparthotel?

For most of the people searching for accommodation for vacation, the first option is hotel. However, it is not the only alternative available. There are better choices which are not only more affordable but are also more comfortable in terms of amenities like aparthotels.

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Also known as serviced apartment, an apartment hotel is basically a fully furnished accommodation that is run like a hotel but it offers the privacy and comfort of a home.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be on an extended vacation for staying at an aparthotel. Booking them for even a shorter period is possible.

Be it hotels in Ashrafieh or resorts in Jamaica, nothing can beat the comfort of aparthotels. Let us get to know its benefits.

More spacious

Service apartments are provided with a separate dining and living area which give you plenty of space than a small bedroom. It helps you relax on a long business trip or a homey place after a tired day of roaming in a tourist place.

A good option for groups

You get facilities of a fine, fully furnished and spacious apartments in an aparthotel. So, you have access to many bedrooms, bathrooms, living area, dining area, balcony and similar facilities which is excellent for families (large or small), group or many couples traveling together. It gives you private space as well as shared space to lounge together.


Very few travelers plan on performing cooking during vacation. However, a well-furnished kitchen, with a fridge and microwave, become very handy to store leftovers from the meals, late night snacks, and drinks. It is also very helpful in preparing quick breakfast. In addition, if you have special dietary requirements which may arise if you are traveling with children, serviced apartment can save you from lot of troubles.


If you are on a long vacation, laundry charges provided by hotels can be pretty expensive. However, at aparthotel, you have access to an in-room washer and dryer which allows you to wash clothes for free. It is an excellent option if you are traveling with children who dirty their clothes frequently. Plus, it is also a perfect option if you are going with a group on a budget. In short, if you like to pack light, serviced apartment is an ideal option.

Have you ever stayed in a serviced apartment? If no, why not give it a try for your next vacation.

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