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We take pride in posting experiences, interests and creative writing of people from across the web. We welcome all the guest posts of 700+ words on the topics we feature as per the theme of the blog. You are also welcome to write your point of view or send feedback regarding the topics related to the theme of the blog.

We encourage guest post from both professional and non-professional writers. Send us the creative piece you have written through e-mail and we will post it on our blog if it meets our guidelines. For your help, blog guidelines are mentioned below:

Post Guidelines

1. Only use original content and material that you own or have permission to use in your submission (applies to images). Also, use citation where required.

2. Always check your grammar, punctuation and spelling. We do not entertain grammatically incorrect piece of writing and neither should you!

3. Keep in mind that the posts that are too long can be time consuming for the readers; however, we do not like featuring posts that are too short. We suggest limiting your post between 400-1000 words.

4. Include maximum two links in the post (please do!). However, posts with affiliate links won’t be accepted or we will edit it to remove any affiliate links. Excessive linking is prohibited.

5. Make sure that the topic of the post is relevant and the content matches with the title of the post.

Post Format and Style Guidelines

1. All images should be at least 690 pixels wide and please do not use poor quality or blurred images.


2. Please include a title in the post along with your bio of around 2-3 sentences.

3. Use bullets, subheadings, short paragraphs and anything that can make your post easy to read, captivating and interesting for the readers to read.

Note: We may not be able to accept posts that fail to follow the above-mentioned guidelines.